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We produce screwing, impact and cutting tools as well as special tools for the automotive industry. All products manufactured worldwide pass through our strict quality control in Germany. So that you can be sure to get high-quality and solid tools at a reasonable price at any time. 


Our ENGAGE warranty

ENCORE series

In our ENCORE series you will find all the mechanical tools of everyday life that everyone simply must have at home.

ENSURE series

Each tool in the ENSURE range is characterised by outstanding performance and individual features. The premium range is not limited to one category, rather you will find tools with that "certain something" in our entire range.

ENFORCE series

The ENFORCE series includes particularly robust impact and lever tools. They are designed for high impact power to make heavy work a little easier.



It smells like pine trees and petrol. Dirty paths through forests, dry riverbeds, sand and scree. You and your friends. Coffee from the campfire, drinks cooled in the lake. Sun. Rain. Stars. The moon. Adventure is what makes you speechless at first and then a storyteller. Please never stop playing!



Whether we are riding on gravel or rolling on gently rolling paths - life is a journey that is best enjoyed with the right companions. Good friends are simply the best equipment. With them we can master bumpy paths, potholes or other difficult spots. What can happen that cannot be fixed together?



It is late at night. You are still tinkering in your workshop, only the cat and the radio as company. Hours pass like minutes. You enjoy the smell of the wood you work with. Or the smell of motor oil, if you are a mechanic. Whatever you work on, you do it with full commitment. Not to please your boss or anyone else, but because you just love doing it.

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