How to Find the Right 3D Printing Tool Holder

If you already have one of our tools or are thinking about buying one, we will show you the quickest way to find the right holder. There are three easy ways to find the right holder:

1. Find the right holder in our shop

All our products have a five-digit article number, e.g. 80270. When you enter this in the search bar in our shop, the search results will show you the product and the matching holder. Moreover, the right holder is linked on each product page.

WIESEMANN 1893 Homepage


2. Find the right holder on Thingiverse

Following the same procedure you can also search for the right holder directly on Thingiverse. Search by entering the article number and you will directly find the matching holder. Afterwards you can download the .stl files directly on Thingiverse.

WIESEMANN 1893 auf Thingverse


3. Just ask

In case the first two ways should not work out for you and you are still trying to find the right holder, just send us an email to or contact us via our contact form.

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More about ENABLE 3D

You can find all 3D printing designs in our shop.


With ENABLE 3D we bring 3D printing to the workshops worldwide. No more messy drawers, no more self-made holders. We provide you with our perfectly designed and tested storage and tool accessory products for 3D printing. Join us to digitize the DIY industry in a sutainable manner.

You can find more about ENABLE 3D on Thingiverse, on Cults, on My Minifactory, on Instagram, on Facebook and on YouTube.

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