Get Creative With 3D Printing for Workshop Solutions

You have the perfect DIY solution to end chaos for your tools in the workshop? Let us introduce you to our Community Development Program. We want to encourage creators to turn their own ideas into 3D printing models. Anyone can submit their design to us.

In our video Manuel explains how it works.

Let us know, if you want to become a 3D printing creator as part of our Community Development Program or if you know someone who would be perfect for it.

You can find more information about the program here.

You can find all our 3D printing designs in our shop.

Discuss the bests workshop solutions with us in our Thinigiverse group.

More about ENABLE 3D

With ENABLE 3D we bring 3D printing to the workshops worldwide. No more messy drawers, no more self-made holders. We provide you with our perfectly designed and tested storage and tool accessory products for 3D printing. Join us to digitize the DIY industry in a sutainable manner.

You can find more about ENABLE 3D on Thingiverse, on Cults, on My Minifactory, on Instagram, on Facebook and on YouTube.