How Much Does a 3D Printed Tool Holder Really Cost Me?

Yes - our wall holders are really free of charge for you. This applies to the download and the required STL files. Here we show you the costs for 3D printing and how much you can really save.

If you already have a 3D printer, all you really have to consider is the cost of the filament and the cost of electricity. We just used a cost calculator to see what our designs really cost you. As an example, let's look at two very different holders.


1. Tool holder for oil filter socket - No. 031

Our smallest holder (031) safely stores your oil filter socket. The design of the holder already arranges for reduced material and therefore the costs for the printing are only 0.35€. This includes 24 cents for the filament and about 11 cents for the energy costs.

2. Tool holder for screwdriver set - No. 060

Of course, it gets more exciting with a holder of more volume and material. As an example, we use our holder 060 for our six-piece premium screwdriver set (81161). This holder costs approx. 2.42€ for the printing. Due to the significantly longer printing time, the electricity costs are 77 cents and the filament costs are 1.65€.

Wandhalter 060

This gives you a rough idea of what the printing will cost you, depending on the size. Of course, there is still the question of how your own 3D print compares to the purchased holder. At least for the screwdriver set, you can draw good comparisons. Wall holders for screwdrivers with the same number of pieces are quickly around 15€.

Vergleich gekaufter Halter

Meaning, with the 3D printer you can not only determine the color and quality yourself. In our case, you can see that you can also quickly save a lot of money here.

Free download in our shop

Alternatively, you can download the print files (STL) directly from our shop. Simply add the holder to the shopping cart and complete the purchase. You don't have to enter your payment details if you don't want to order any other products. After check-out you can download the zip file and you will receive a link via mail. 



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